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Dixie Gillaspie

Coach | Consultant | Firestarter

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Because when we bring together the power of the mind and determined, directed action



You’re the kind of person who wants to put everything you have, and everything you are, into everything you do.


Business works because of people. People drive process. Invest in your whole business by developing your people.


You believe you’re here to do more than make a living, you’re here to make a difference and a life.

If you truly want quantum-leap paradigm-shift change, Dixie is the one!

Getting from “A” to “B” was a daunting concept to me. I knew my career had value and I wanted to accelerate the value. Working with Dixie helped me understand my natural/innate abilities.

We tore apart some paradigms like; how do I work, how do I think, how do I get in my way? Dixie asks the tough questions ….. the really tough questions and she frames them in a way that you have to really think and connect to bubble up a response. These responses are gold!

Lynne Wilhite ~ Regional Sales Territory Manager at Hettich Instruments