You're here to create.

Something meaningful, something lasting, something joyful, something abundant. You're here to create something that sets your heart on fire.


You're here to remember.

How to listen to the truth of your soul and to choose to create what shines bright in your heart.

I'm here to be that reminder. And a guide back to the truth of who you are, why you're here, and how to choose what brings more love into the world.




If you can choose it you can create it.

When you are choosing consciously from love and truth you are choosing only what is in alignment with your purpose and calling.

Whether it's a business or career, a relationship, or an abundance of wealth or wellness or love, the principles of conscious creation are the same.

Let me turn you on to the truth about how we create what we choose, and release you from the lies we learned from our upbringing and personal development gurus.



No one journeys alone.

Part of choosing to be a Creator instead of a reactor, or a wait-and-seer, or a naysayer, or even a problem solver, is to become a leader - of your self, your outcomes, your co-creators. To stand in your truth, lead with clarity, and lift others with your vision.

I'm here to activate your super powers of noticing, focusing, predicting, and impacting what is and what can be. To help you step into your full potential as a conscious creator and leader.

Embrace your inherent power to lead and watch "impossible" become "completed".





    "Most people are living for a life they will never allow themselves to have."

    It's time to return to your power and have the life you're living for ... right now.

    We are all creators. But most people aren’t creating from their highest truth and source of power. They’re trapped in a cycle of creating solutions only to discover that the old problem is embedded in their new reality so they’re back to square one.


There's no better coach, teacher or guide I've ever worked with. My results sometimes surprise even me, and I no longer struggle with resistance. I'm moving steadily toward my goals with clarity and confidence AND I'm harnessing my power to achieve extraordinary things. I am a Super Creator!


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Author, Coach, Firestarter

Dixie Gillaspie

You. In your power.

My Life's Mission

As a Creation Coach and Visionary to Visionaries I'm here to hold you in your power and help you bring your vision to life.

Return To Your Power is more than a business name, more than a brand. It's a personal mission.

Since my first introduction to story I have been obsessed with tales of coming into power. Myths, legends, fiction, fantasy, and history all came together for me into one central theme – stepping into the fullest embodiment and expression of innate, creative power.

That power is not the power of force but the power of creation. It’s not ours to “make it happen” by pushing it into world and onto others around us, but rather to simply make it, as an artist makes a masterpiece, as a chef makes a meal.

Today, in a world that is fascinated by, even captive to, ideas of brokenness I’m more determined than ever to share the message and the process for returning to our personal truth and power. None of us are broken. Our structures are broken, our beliefs are broken, even our relationships and connections may be broken. But people are not. Ever. Broken.

This is my truth. If you share it, I’d love for you to join me. Let’s co-create a life you love and a world we both want to live in.

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Dixie gillaspie on ActionEra TV

By Return To Your Power Team | November 17, 2023

In less than 20 minutes Dixie Gillaspie taught the ActionEra TV audience why beliefs don’t matter, the identity doesn’t have to die, and the “dragon” of resistance isn’t really all that fierce and how anyone can use the Conscious Creation Cycle to create anything they choose.

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Emotions Make Economic Sense

By Dixie Gillaspie | June 16, 2023

It’s just human nature that our thoughts and behaviors are based on our emotional value system.

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We’re Emotionally Bombarded: Here’s How to Deal With It

By Dixie Gillaspie | April 1, 2023

Remember, best block, not be there. — Mr. Miyagi in Karate Kid II

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You’ll Never Accomplish Goals You Don’t Really Care About

By Dixie Gillaspie | December 30, 2020

Success is achieving your true passion but knowing what matters most is harder than it sounds.

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This is like no other coaching program! Working with Dixie has brought me into the most dynamic and creative time of my career. Her process - a powerful combination of intuition and action - has transformed my outlook and approach to life. I've raised my game and look forward to dreaming - and achieving - even more terrific results.


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B 0517
  • From the top of an unlikely stone castle in Kansas, her mind's eye tracks the trajectory of her body as it falls to the rocks below. So begins the journey.


    From fierce survivor, holding pain at bay through sheer will and defiant denial, through the retracing of childhood powerlessness enduring physical, mental, and sexual abuse, and out into the light of choosing life, choosing joy, choosing love.

    The Truth About Winter is one woman’s journey into her own power - one that requires her to wake from a long “winter of the soul” and discover that the truth of her abusive childhood is not in the events, but in the hearts and souls of the people who played their parts in those events, and ultimately, in the way she learns to alchemize her own painful memories into new depths of love and compassion.

    Her companions on this transformational journey are a soul sister-self she once banished from memory and who now returns to prompt, mirror, and celebrate her newly discovered truths, a timeless and mysterious rose gardener, a vivacious up-and-coming boxer, and a dying man and his devoted wife. These companions also play their parts in re-awakening the woman’s memories and joining her on the path to embracing her truth and releasing her trauma.

  • The Truth About Winter

    The Truth About Winter is a lyrical allegory, as poetic as it is confronting; revealing truths that heal trauma and empower readers.

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A little light reading or a full-on immersion, your path to personal power, conscious creation, and conscious leadership starts here.

Dixie gillaspie on ActionEra TV

November 17, 2023

In less than 20 minutes Dixie Gillaspie taught the ActionEra TV audience why beliefs don’t matter, the identity doesn’t have to die, and the “dragon” of resistance isn’t really all that fierce and how anyone can use the Conscious Creation Cycle to create anything they choose.

Dixie Gillaspie on From Fear to Fire: Transforming Leadership

June 24, 2023

“5 Steps to Consciously Create Anything You Choose” with Dixie Gillaspie on the From Fear to Fire podcast with Heather Hansen O’Neill

Emotions Make Economic Sense

June 16, 2023

It’s just human nature that our thoughts and behaviors are based on our emotional value system.

Hudson Weekly Interviews Dixie Gillaspie on her life and Writing

June 9, 2023

The Truth About Winter is one of the must read books of the summer. It has a way of inspiring change and is captivating from start to finish.
– The Hudson Weekly Review of The Truth About Winter

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Articles on the Principles of Conscious Creation, the 5 steps to creating anything you choose, and understanding the structures that lead to success or failure.

Conscious Leadership

Articles on the leader's role in creating businesses where humans can thrive and create greater impact and fulfillment as well as higher profitability.

Theresa Byrne

Dixie creates something that defies comparison. She helped me find a bigger sense of purpose, “having it all”, and the clarity to do it. Pure magic!


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