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Coaches, Mentors and Magic Dragons

NOTE: This video references a Facebook page which has now been moved to http://www.facebook.com/DixieDynamiteCoaching - come join us! Last month I asked my twitter community to weigh in on a discussion I was having with myself: “What is the difference between a coach and a mentor?” I’ve been called both - I’ve also been a consultant, a professional trainer and a volunteer teacher. While I felt I could clearly define the difference between coaching and consulting/teaching/training I wasn’t so sure I was on the same page with my audience when it came to the difference between a mentor and a coach. No wonder - the answers from the audience were very diverse. I’m not sure a single answer exists. In fact, I started a Facebook page called Energy Synergy Harmony – you’ll find it at Facebook pages Pure Synchrony which is the name of my business – to continue this discussion and to facilitate other discussions with my audience From my friend (and mentor by MY definition) John David Mann “A mentor cares and gives the light of experience - a coach holds toes to the fire.” From my friend and fellow thought leader, Chris Ortiz “Difference is love. We coach for money or duty. We mentor because of the relationship.” Some comments suggested that coaches offer inspiration – most agreed that a large part of mentoring is to inspire. Now there were comments from people who felt they had “virtual mentors” – people they strove to emulate without personal contact or engagement. In my mind I think of those people as role models – I may strive to...