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Finding Stillness Through Staying Fluid

As biological creatures we are always in a state of change. Our cells turn over, our viewpoints adjust to accommodate new data, our expressions become colored with idioms as words take on new cultural implications - we change internally and in response to external stimuli. Sometimes we feel like everything is in a state of flux and we are tempted to shout “stop the world, I want to get off.” We want to just be still, to take a break from change. Have you ever tried to be perfectly motionless? In yoga practice it is often suggested that we “find our way to stillness.” Even in the simplest poses, finding your way to stillness requires subtle adjustments to the posture. The body says “flex this, shift that” and if we ignore those requests for movement we will experience pain or we will fall out of the pose. Ignoring the need to make adjustments creates traumatic alternations. So we heed these suggestions, make those minute modifications, but even when we come to a place where we can be still our bodies are not motionless. Our chests rise and fall with our breathing. Our gaze may be soft and steady on a distant or internal focus point, but our eyes still move slightly in their sockets. Our hearts still beat and our blood still flows. Only in death are we completely without motion. And when we have brought ourselves to stillness, to the closest state to motionless that a living organism can create, it is a temporary state. The time will come for movement. It will either be a mindful, controlled...