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Can We Achieve a “United” State?

Usually, I write posts here and share to Facebook. Today’s post started as sharing a Facebook status, became a Facebook note and migrated over here. One of the things I enjoy about Facebook and twitter is the opportunity to learn the story behind the person even those friends whom I don’t have a lot of opportunity to spend time with. When I teach networking or coach clients on becoming connected and connectors, I am often asked “how much should I share with people, online or offline?” What you share is completely up to you, but I challenge you to share of your SELF, not only your professional story, but your personal story. What makes you the unique human being that you are? How will I know YOU if I don’t know your story? And how will I decide if I like you and trust you enough to do business with you or refer business to you if I don’t feel like I really know you? We are in a business culture still crawling out of the “old-boy’s network” mentality of school ties and common opinions. But we are moving toward a culture of shared visions and common values. We once sought out communities of “like-minded” people. Now I see more communities of “like-spirited” people. You might learn how someone thinks without knowing their story, but will you know how they feel? I find that whether I am focused on inviting peace into my life or my world, or focused on inviting wealth into my life or my world - connecting with other people is the key. And those connections...