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There Outta Be a Law

I woke up this morning with a post on my mind. This is not that post. I jotted a few notes about that post and ran off to meet with a good friend and mutual mentor, the savvy, talented and heart-driven entrepreneur and author, Tom Ruwitch. (He heads up a boutique email marketing company called MarketVolt and has co-written a book called “Generation Big” and I call HIM whenever I get stuck on my communications strategy!) I left that meeting pumped up and ready to be productive, with that blog post uppermost in my mind. Then I took a little detour. It’s a girl thing (I think for the MOST part it’s a girl thing anyway) but I do some of my best thinking sitting in one of those big massage chairs with my feet in hot water. So I took my trusty notebook and walked into a nail salon for a mani/pedi.  (for you non-believers out there, a manicure/pedicure is a well-known wizard’s trick to lift your spirits and pump up your self-esteem.) The televisions were on - a distraction for me since living without the noise and motion of a television screen has made me hypersensitive to one if it’s in the same room with me. (I grew up without a television and made the choice to turn mine off forever several years ago. I SAID it was so I could stay positive and productive, but the truth is that the remote that came with the new television was smarter than I ever hope to be!) It was on a commercial, I had no idea what programming...

What’s YOUR “Watermelon?”

I LOVE WATERMELON! I’d rather have watermelon than ice cream. I prefer it to cupcakes. I’ll even choose watermelon over chocolate! (oooo -did I just SAY that?) I’ll share almost anything (even ice cream, cupcakes and chocolate) - but it’s against my nature to share watermelon. (Even with the “Dragon Dog” who also loves watermelon - I know, she’s not your average canine.) Most kids love July 4th for the fireworks. Believe me, fireworks are a BIG favorite with me too. (with a childhood nickname like “dynamite” you might expect that, huh?) But for me, Independence Day, a day we celebrate freedom, was a day I celebrated a different kind of freedom. There were picnics, with LOTS of watermelon and I was FREE to eat as much as I could get my hands on. So every July 4th, while the other kids were hogging the ice cream, cupcakes and chocolate, I got my hands on as much watermelon as I could and didn’t apologize to anyone for taking the last slice. You see, I grew up with “watermelon deprivation.” Okay, I made that up. It’s not a recognized form of torture or abuse. But, my father didn’t like watermelon. Actually, he didn’t like any kind of melon. And my mother believed in serving what my father liked to eat. So we didn’t have watermelon very often. You’d think, as a grownup, I’d buy watermelon year round. You’d think it would be a staple, that my shopping list would read “milk, bread, eggs, WATERMELON.” Right? But the guy I married wasn’t a big fan of watermelon either. Not that he EVER...