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Never Say “Never” if the Universe is Listening

I’ve had people ask me if I use the Law of Attraction. It’s kind of like asking if I “use” the laws of physics, isn’t it? Anything that is a universal law applies universally whether we are aware of “using” it or not. I don’t get to say “I don’t believe in the law of gravity, and I’m not going to use it.” Well, I get to say it, but I’m going to have a hard time proving it. (Richard Bach, author of such best-sellers as “Jonathan Livingston Seagull” and “Illusions; Adventures of a Reluctant Messiah” gave me a fantastic - and hilarious - analogy for that in my dialog with him, but that’s a story for another post.) So if the Law of Attraction is one of those universal laws, then I “use” it in the same way I “use” the law of gravity - it affects my outcomes every second of my life. I either use it mindfully to my advantage, or I ignore it and it rises up to slap me silly every now and again. I’m still not sure if the creation of Dynamite Live; Putting your dreams in drive and YOU in the driver’s seat is an example of me taking advantage of natural laws or the universe slapping me silly just to teach me a lesson. Only time will tell. So here’s what happened… I spoke at an event. That, in and of itself, wasn’t unusual. But this one was that “straw-that-sparked-the-shot-that-was-heard-around-the-world” kind of experience. I was sitting down with my inner circle mastermind group (if I took a detour to tell you...

Tribute to a Storyteller

    “There is a deeper wound when people don’t hear our words of affection. There is a greater loss when people don’t hear our praise. It’s a loss for them, and we’re diminished by it because there’s something… a certain level of grieving when we know that our expression of ‘I love you’ has fallen on deaf ears. That hurts at the soul level.” Trey Pennington, From the Dynamite Dialogs    As many of you know, our world is short a storyteller. And all of us, his friends, fans, followers and family, are hurting at the soul level. Because we know that our expressions of “I love you” were not enough. After Trey’s first attempt to end his life was made public, I sent him an email. We weren’t close friends, although we shared a stage and many core values, our paths did not cross often. But a story he told to me during a conversation we had while preparing to record a dialog for a product I was launching kept coming back to me. It was so poignant, so powerful and so clearly something Trey was passionate about, that I asked him to repeat it when we recorded that dialog. It was the story of Amanda. A little girl he’d known at Hidden Treasure school, Amanda was considered “non-verbal/non-communicative.” And yet, she managed to communicate her feelings to Trey in a way that he never forgot. I emailed him a reminder of that story. I said “people are trying to tell you something, are you listening?” In the end, as you know, the voices in his head...