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Are You Putting Off Facing YOUR Brick Wall?

During a recent presentation of my keynote, “Blasting Thru Brick Walls,” I gave examples of the four types of walls people build; Circumstances Style Consequences Design  I was chatting with some of the audience members afterward and one of them said, “My brick wall is procrastination, what category does that fit in?” Instant silence. All eyes turned to me. Clearly there was more than one person who wanted an answer to that question. Procrastination, I explained, is not a brick wall. It’s a symptom of a brick wall. I mean, think about it - if you knew that moving forward was going to cause you to bang your head against a brick wall you’d put it off as long as possible, wouldn’t you? Here are just a FEW of the problems that show up as procrastination - I could write an entire BOOK on this, but I don’t have time for that (which means I’m going to PROCRASTINATE doing it - see how that works?) But this will be enough to get you thinking about the walls that might be causing you to “put off til tomorrow what you would have BENEFITED from doing today!” Keep in mind that most of these aren’t CONSCIOUS “notes to self.” This is the subtext behind your choosing to fill your time with something other than the thing you know you NEED to do to get where you WANT to be. Let’s start with examples of the wall of Circumstance - the “I can’t do that right now” statement. If I wait I might have more… money, time, focus… If I wait I...