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Would You Know a True Dream if it Bit You?

CREDIT FOR IMAGE AND POEM ABOVE – Katrina Plumb, Chief Poet and Inspirer at Writing Tank   Some people make resolutions, some people choose mantras - my years have themes. I don’t make conscious decisions about these themes. I don’t really think about them at all. But for the last five years, around the first of the year, I’ll say something, or hear something, or write something, and a quiet little voice will whisper, “There is your theme for the year - beginning right NOW!” As the end of 2011 inched closer, and 2012 peeked over the horizon and raised an eyebrow at me to say she was getting curious about what I planned to do with her, my thoughts turned to dreams. My theme for 2011 was “Embracing my Inner Pollyanna.” The year had started with a fanfare of high notes; wonderful clients doing meaningful work, an inner circle of dear friends that included an amazing man I’d been married to for nearly 25 years and continued to love even after we separated, a relationship with a new love I thought I would happily spend the rest of my life with, a head full of ideas for bringing new life and light to entrepreneurism and a heart full of gratitude for all the love and possibilities I saw in my present and my future. I’d spent much of 2011 on “dream work,” helping other people clarify and realize their dreams. I’d been training a group of Certified Go-Giver Coaches to use the Stratospheric Success Mapping process I’d developed, and Dynamite Live, an event I’d hosted in October, was...