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How Much Courage Does it Take to Play?

While preparing to launch the Daily Dose of Dynamite (which is, as you might guess, a daily blast of thought-provoking, pattern-challenging, firepower for living an unlimited life, served up one teaspoonful at a time,) I came across one of my note cards that said this:  “Do you have the courage to play the game not to best anyone, but to bring out the best in everyone?” I don’t remember the circumstances under which I wrote it, but finding it could not have come at a better time. For several reasons. First, a selfish one. I’ve been challenged lately with people who only show me the worst of me and claim that is the all of me. You know how that happens right? Someone pushes and pokes at your buttons until finally you react instead of respond, then BOOM, it’s “I knew you weren’t all that, look how bad you are!”  As if it weren’t punishment enough to know that you broke under pressure, they’re gloating because they goaded you into breaking. And then there’s a certain someone who insists on painting me the way she needs to believe I am; an emotionally fragile, sensitive soul who can’t really be expected to keep an “even keel” in a crisis or get out of bed if there has been a tragedy. So admittedly, my first thought on finding that old note card was, “These people really are weak to need to bring out my worst so that they can feel more powerful.” I’m not proud that that was my first thought, but I am glad it led me to the next...