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Are You Afraid of a Word?

What’s in a word? Oh I know, the original quote is “What’s in a name?” But what is a name, but a word? What if that word is POWER? Did I scare you? Sometimes I scare myself. A chain of events… - Speaking of names, I got tagged with the nickname “Dixie Dynamite” in the second grade. I hated it. I thought they meant that I was volatile, dangerous, POWERFUL. Translation – “not a nice little girl.” - I wrote a book. I named it Just Blow it Up: Firepower for Living an Unlimited Life. (It comes out in April 2013.) Kind of a POWERFUL title, wouldn’t you say? It’s loaded with power. I caught myself deflecting it, naming all my sources and not owning the POWER that I contributed. Why? - I did a live teaching course and turned it into an online self-study program. It’s the methods I use with clients to teach them How to be POWERFUL. - It includes an audio of one of my conversations with my friend and mentor, Richard Bach.  In it, we talk about POWER – the power we have to hypnotize ourselves into believing we are powerless, the power we have to change our attitudes and choices and create what we desire, the POWER of CONSENT that is always ours, even when we give our power away. - I also included my Permission Audit process with the two audios of my teaching. That process is designed to help people reclaim their POWER. Yet, I wrestled with the title – even though it’s an exact description of what I wanted to...