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Whose Fault is it Anyway?

  (A little context for those of you in sunny climes or reading this post in some time so far in the future that the weather today is irrelevant. Today is March 24th, and Spring has sprung a winter storm system on the Midwestern states that is predicted to leave us with seven inches or more of snow. ) In The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy; one of my favorite resources for the wise and the witty, Douglas Adams tells us how to make a problem disappear completely. You simply turn it into an SEP. Because, you see, SEP stands for “Somebody Else’s Problem.” And when you can make that problem somebody ELSE’S problem it disappears. For you. That isn’t working for me on this fifth day of spring, watching snowflakes accumulate on the balcony outside my window. But it works for a lot of problems. Blame it on someone else and, if it doesn’t disappear, at least you’ll get so much sympathy that you can stand to look at it. Blame it on someone else and, even if you still have to deal with it, it’s not YOUR problem, you’re now the poor martyr who is slogging away under the weight of an SEP. How important is it for you to “own” your problems? Let’s just say unless you own your problems you cannot own your life.  My friend Joe Tye, author of The Florence Prescription, Never Fear Never Quit, and other great books, likens the value of ownership in a company with our mindset about renting a car. We don’t treat a rental car the way we would one that...