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A Boston Marathoner’s Question – “Where Does the Love Go?”

Monday, April 15, 2013 the news reached me. I’d taken Sunday away from the computer and all news channels, spending the day with those I love (including a couple of furry critters) so I didn’t know about the explosions in Boston until Monday morning. I’m sure I wasn’t alone in checking the Facebook profiles of the runners I know - hoping that none of them decided to run the Boston this year. And feeling a little guilty at the immense relief I felt at reading their status updates - shock and prayers for those affected, but all of them safely out of the danger zone.  Because I know that the fact that no one I know and love was harmed doesn’t reduce the impact that this has on all of us. Because I know that the ripples of any event touch us all. And our responses to any event cause ripples that touch us all as well. With social media, those ripples move faster. This short post from Redfin CEO, Glenn Kelman, first caught my eye on twitter, although it was originally posted on Linked In. I’ve since seen it show up on Facebook (and have shared it there myself.) It is so widespread I could not begin to estimate the extent of the ripples emanating from that one “stone.” But I do believe that the last lines, which read, “And I wondered what would happen to all that love. I hope it never goes away,” are a stone that will continue to cause ripples for years. Because, even if no one ever reads that post after this week - it’s clear in the...