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The Lesson of the Rescued Baby Bear

The Lesson of the Rescued Baby Bear

Sometimes, what we want to DO has nothing to do with what we really want. Let me explain. Usually my discovery sessions start by asking the other person to fill in the blank. “What I really want to do is ____________________________________________.” Well, last Wednesday evening I was NOT filling in that blank with “take the Dragon Dog for a walk in Carondelet Park.” I was in a rare funk (yes, I get those too.) And all I really wanted to do was pour a glass of wine, crawl into a hot tub, and turn on the jets until the world disappeared. And I wasn’t sure I had the energy to do that. But when Philip suggested a walk might do me good, and would definitely be good for Moira (affectionately called the Dragon Dog because when she was a baby she liked to sit up on her haunches and roar –yes roar, really. She’s 80 pounds now, and doesn’t sit up on her haunches much, but she can still ROAR!) I knew I was going to go for a walk. I grumped my way into running pants, pulled out a black t-shirt (matched my mood you know) and then put it back muttering, “Almost dark, better wear white.” Grump, grump and more grump. (Remember that white shirt, it’s important.) For those of you who aren’t from St. Louis (or who have never discovered Carondelet Park) it’s a big, sprawling park, with lots of wide paved paths and internal roads running the perimeter. It’s well-lit, and as long as you stay on the roads and off the paths, you’re in...

Perfect is Where the Heart Is

If home is where the heart is, then my heart is a geographical kaleidoscope. It lifts to greet the foothills of Colorado and the Flint Hills of Kansas. It sings when it senses the rhythms of the muddy Mississippi or the Pacific coming up against a rocky coast or a stretch of sand. It skips a beat in recognition of the beauty of a city park or a country garden in full bloom. In each of those places, there is a bit of my heart that whispers, “This is home.” But it splits wide open when I go back to the prairie. Yes, I’m still a Kansas girl at heart. The open spaces, as stark as they might seem to the uninitiated eye, are rich with life. The wheat and grasses undulate as entrancingly as any sea, and the straight line winds will blow the cobwebs from your mind as surely as any luxurious massage. I’m posting this from the road. Headed for Kansas. Technically, this is the first stop on the Just Blow It Up book tour. Symbolically, this is a big piece of my life coming full circle. Although I was raised in Kansas, it was 1996, early in my medical consulting career, when I first visited McPherson, Kansas.  I was there to provide an analysis for Dr. William Payne’s dental practice.  Sitting down with Dr. Payne and his wife, Teresa, to discuss my findings and recommendations, none of could have guessed that we were embarking on a journey that would take us from consultant and client, to friends, to “family of choice.” It was Dr. Payne...