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What started as a twitter post to help a friend I’d never met help a person I never expected to meet turned into a face-to-face meeting and amazing friendship.

In a tribute to the power of online networking in building community, I had the opportunity to host 50 in 52 Journeywoman and founder, Dafna Michaelson to St. Louis.

The journey for us started with a tweet from Terry Bean, a master connector and founder of Motor City Connect, whom I had first “met” on Facebook through our mutual friend, Lewis Howes. Terry tweeted that he was looking for social media experts in the Chicagoland area to help Dafna make connections there.

Having connected with Brian Tomkins and Gilbert Merlot during their Go-Giver Tour Project, I made an introduction through twitter. I was tickled to be able to put some great people in touch with each other and aid a very impressive mission, but I didn’t expect it to turn into anything more.

I couldn’t have been more wrong. That introduction turned into an interview with Dafna on my passion for connecting people and my philosophies on business. Brian and Gilbert also came into St. Louis for Dafna’s visit here and the three of them presented in a panel discussion on Social Media in non-profit fundraising at a Social Media Club St. Louis even, which I had the privilege of moderating.

Dafna also stepped in to interview with David Siteman Garland for The Rise to the Top.

The stories Dafna chose to highlight from Missouri are all inspiring - check out her videos with St. Louisians Jeremy Nulik, John Bishop and David Meyer.

Gotta admit, for ME, the real treat was getting to have Dafna as my houseguest during her Missouri adventures. We had time to talk about everything from business strategies to mascara. Social Media is a great place to get acquainted and stay in touch, but there’s nothing like the time spent talking face-to-face to really connect!




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