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50 Reasons Why 50 Doesn’t Matter

by | Aug 6, 2013 | 1 comment

Ah the expectations of turning the “big 5-0.”

You’re “over the hill,” and “not getting any younger.”  Like wine you’re “getting better with age.” You’re “older and wiser.” You’re… You fill in the blank.

I can’t say I really had any expectations of turning 50.

Time for me has always been a little elastic. For instance, I showed up several weeks after I was “due” to arrive, I was younger at 31 than I was at 21, and I can pack an hour into 10 minutes or stretch a birthday into a full week of celebrations.

So 50 for me was not really a milestone, at least, no more than any day or event is a milestone. But it WAS a great excuse to have some fun, and an inspiration to reflect on what time, age, expectations, and perceptions mean to all of us.

I’ve filled several pages of my journal since officially turning 50, and reached a number of mental, emotional, and spiritual milestones. I’m sure you’ll see the outcomes here in future months, but I thought I’d share this list first.

50 Reasons Why 50 Doesn’t Matter (Unless You’re Looking for an Excuse to Celebrate!)

#1 Because 50 is just a number – and no number can define me or confine me!

#2 Because I don’t need a birthday to honor my past and create my future! I do that every day!

#3 Because I’m only 9 in dog years.

#4 Because time and age are relative – some days I’m older and some days I’m younger, but I’m always me.

#5 Because no matter what my age is, I can always improve on yesterday.

#6 Because love isn’t age-dependent.

#7 Because love isn’t age-specific.

#8 Because patience isn’t one of my virtues, so I never fell for “wait until you’re older.”

#9 Because I’ve always wanted an excuse to take more naps.

#10 Because I have the same number of choices I always did – they’re just different choices!

#11 Because I can always find something new to learn – usually the hard way.

#12 Because me being 50 only matters to other people because of what they believe 50 should look like. And other people’s “shoulds” never mattered to me.

#13 Because if I cry more than I used to, I also laugh more than I used to. And I laugh more than I cry.

#14 Because, while the people I surround myself with are very caring, they think caring about age is just too much trouble!

#15 Because any door that someone else closes because I’m “over the hill” just lets me move on to the doors that have opened because I’m “older and wiser.”

#16 Because by now I may have burned up enough brain cells that I’m using at least half of the ones I have left.

#17 Because I’m going to wear whatever I like, not what some fashion magazine tells me looks good on “women my age.”

#18 Because 50 is just a “state of mind” and I choose not to make it my home state.

#19 Because every day could be my last in this body – but NOTHING can extinguish my spirit!

#20 Because it isn’t necessarily true that we get better with age, but it isn’t necessarily true that we don’t.

#21 Because when I write 50 what? It looks just like SO what? Yup, got that right!

#22 Because, in numerology, 50 equals 5. So does 23, 32, and 104.

#23 Because 50 is only two quarters and that won’t buy much!

#24 Because I’m just as likely to jump up and down and clap my hands for joy as I am for exercise.

#25 Because, if in 50 years I’ve created some patterns I need to change I’ve also cemented some habits that serve me very well.

#26 Because if I’d been born on February 29th I’d only be 11!

#27 Because 50 is just a point in time, and any time is the perfect time to begin.

#28 Because the people who matter to me don’t let my age matter to them.

#29 Because whether or not I love myself is a matter of choice, not age.

#30 Because “age-appropriate” only means appropriate to how old I want to feel!

#31 Because my age, like all the other “facts” about my life, is open to interpretation. And the only interpretation that counts is MINE!

#32 Because life is “all downhill from here” only when you decide to coast!

#33 Because I don’t need to believe that “life is short” to give myself permission to “eat dessert first.”

#34 Because, if 50 is “the new 30” I figure by the time I’m 60 THAT will be the new 30. Why, I could be 30 for the rest of my life if I choose!

#35 Because now, when someone says “tell me about you” I have more true things to choose from.

#36 Because the moments in my life are like drops in an ocean. And who knows how many drops it takes to make an ocean.

#37 Because the amount of life left in me isn’t related to the number of years left in this lifetime.

#38 Because my hair looks better with silver highlights than it ever did with blonde. And it’s a lot easier to maintain!

#39 Because now I can blame my “selective memory” on my age.

#40 Because I’m just NOW growing into my childhood ideas and dreams!

#41 Because how do I know 50 is “midlife” when I don’t know how long this lifetime will be?

#42 Because what does it matter if 50 is halfway to 100?

#43 Because Father Time never was my type anyway.

#44 Because the older I get the easier it is to look good “for my age.”

#45 Because ignoring my age may be unreasonable, but no one has ever defined the “age of reason” so I’m assuming I haven’t reached it.

# 46 Because I still more ideas in a year than I can use in a lifetime.

#47 Because I’m in charge of how I choose to experience my past, present, and future. And I choose to experience it as a game without an end rather than an end game!

#48 Because I still recognize the face in the mirror – and most days I like her!

#49 Because dynamite doesn’t come with an expiration date!

#50 Because 50 only reflects the number of years I’ve been in this body – not the amount of life I’ve put into those years or the joy and wisdom I’ve gotten out of them!

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  1. Tara

    A dynamite list from a dynamite woman who inspires, enlightens, reminds, entertains, teaches, amuses, propels, invites, informs, supports, nudges, nurtures,soothes, guides and helps… with every sage word, comment,thought.
    Dixie, you rock…


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