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I’m Dixie.

I’m a coach, consultant, firestarter, and confirmed coffee fanatic. I’m here to be an advisor, a guide, a co-creator, and a co-celebrator for entrepreneurs and entrepreneurially-minded people who want to step into the full power of their gifts and talents.

After working as a business analyst and consultant for a nationwide firm, I started my own business more than 20 years ago and I’ve been helping people achieve their “impossibles” ever since. I’ve worked with multi-million dollar corporations, and I’ve worked with solopreneurs who were starting out with next to nothing except a mission and a lot of determination, and what I have found is that individuals and organizations who tap into the core of their personal power — that unique combination of innate gifts, learned skills, and divine purpose — can overcome any adversity and create what others believed could never exist .

My clients come to me to create business models and offerings, hone and polish their personal brand and platform, unleash their personal power, and deepen their relationships in business and life. They are people who are living out their truth and purpose in their life and in their life’s work.

I wrote a book called Just Blow it Up - Firepower for Living an Unlimited Life and a companion book, Doses of Dynamite - Firepower for Capturing the Inspiration in Everyday Things, both published by Sound Wisdom. I’ve also been an Executive Editor for The Good Men Project, a columnist for, a blogger for Huffington Post, and have had articles featured on Fox News and This year I was honored as a “Woman of the Decade in Enterprise and Innovation” by the Women Economic Forum and have agreed to serve on their Board of Advisors for 2018 events.

I love talking with groups large and small about how to transform lives, brands, and businesses. If your organization needs to have that conversation drop me a note and we’ll talk about how to get it started.

In essence, a “business” is simply “one or more people creating something of such value that one or more other people are willing to compensate them for it.”  Business is people, and people have souls. So for those business leaders who want to be more in tune with the voice of their soul I am also a Certified Soul Language Practitioner, opening pathways for people to integrate the full power of their divine nature into their material experience.

I’m a pragmatic intuitive with one foot in the spirit world and the other kicking ass in the material world. Soul-directed creative entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs – people who are learning to fully integrate the talents and gifts they have amassed in this lifetime with the gifts and purpose they are given as divine beings — are my favorite people on earth and I love working with them to reveal their true self, step into their power, and discover new pathways to prosperity.

What can we do — together?