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What’s in a word?

Oh I know, the original quote is “What’s in a name?”

But what is a name, but a word?

What if that word is POWER?

Did I scare you? Sometimes I scare myself.

A chain of events…

- Speaking of names, I got tagged with the nickname “Dixie Dynamite” in the second grade. I hated it. I thought they meant that I was volatile, dangerous, POWERFUL. Translation – “not a nice little girl.”

- I wrote a book. I named it Just Blow it Up: Firepower for Living an Unlimited Life. (It comes out in April 2013.) Kind of a POWERFUL title, wouldn’t you say? It’s loaded with power. I caught myself deflecting it, naming all my sources and not owning the POWER that I contributed. Why?

- I did a live teaching course and turned it into an online self-study program. It’s the methods I use with clients to teach them How to be POWERFUL.

- It includes an audio of one of my conversations with my friend and mentor, Richard Bach.  In it, we talk about POWER – the power we have to hypnotize ourselves into believing we are powerless, the power we have to change our attitudes and choices and create what we desire, the POWER of CONSENT that is always ours, even when we give our power away.

- I also included my Permission Audit process with the two audios of my teaching. That process is designed to help people reclaim their POWER. Yet, I wrestled with the title – even though it’s an exact description of what I wanted to teach. Because I know that POWER turns a lot of people off.

- In researching SEO keywords for that course page, we looked up the title. How to be POWERFUL ranked so highly in the search engines we kept it in spite of my trepidation. If people are searching for it, why was I afraid to put it out there for them to find?

I could write my next book about all the times I had to keep myself from stepping away from POWER. So I’ll skip ahead to this morning’s Facebook visit.

My friend, Mitch Matthews, a Dream Booster beyond compare, posted that he thought about sharing a quote then decided he’d rather let everyone else share their favorites.

In the comments that followed, two people referenced the Marianne Williamson quote – “Our greatest fear is that we are POWERFUL beyond measure.” And one other comment complimented that beautifully – from Spencer Johnson in Who Moved My Cheese, “What would you do if you were not afraid?”

Why are we afraid of power? Of wanting it? Of displaying it? Of using it?

What would we do, who would we be, how much more could we accomplish, if we weren’t afraid of our own POWER?

What is power?

I’ll leave you with two sections of the Mirriam-Webster online dictionary – then I hope you’ll share your own observations below.

Examples of POWER (from Mirriam-Webster Free Online Dictionary)

  1. She is from a very wealthy family with a lot of social power.
  2. The company abused its power, forcing workers to work overtime without pay.
  3. The company was almost destroyed in a power struggle between its two founders.
  4. After the emperor died, power passed to his eldest son.
  5. the peaceful transfer of power to the newly elected president
  6. The president was removed from power in the recent uprising.
  7. The new government has taken power.
  8. The rebels rose to power several years ago.
  9. A small company with only a few products has grown to become a power in the industry.
  10. Our state is now the region’s leading economic power.

Origin of POWER  (from Mirriam-Webster Free Online Dictionary)

Middle English, from Anglo-French poer, pouer, from poer to be able, from Vulgar Latin *potēre, alteration of Latin posse— more at potent

POWER - in its original form – meant simply TO BE ABLE. The ability to get things done. Further connotation suggests (from the same root as the word POTENT) that it is a high LEVEL of the ability to get things done.

If we aren’t ABLE, what will we ever accomplish? If we don’t step into that ability, claim that POWER, how limited and small will our lives become? As Marianne says in that same quote, “Your playing small does not serve the world.”

And yet, in the examples given, I do not see ONE that I would want to “step into.” Not one. How about you?

I renewed my intention today, to step into my power, to claim my ABILITY to do what I came here to do and to become the person I desire to be. To be potent, and powerful, and DYNAMITE!

And to not be afraid of a word.

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