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Free to a Good Home – Dreams

I’ve been cleaning out my closet. And I’m getting rid of a lot. Of dreams. Not because they are too big. Not because they are too small either. But because they aren’t right for me. Here we are, about to begin another year. Arguably, we begin a new year every...

Sometimes You’re the Dragon, Sometimes You’re the Bug

I have dragons in my life. I am blessed to have MANY dragons who have come along to rescue me from shredding my wings.

I’ve also had the opportunity to rescue a few dragonflies. Some flew thankfully on their way, some determinedly beat their wings against the screen.

Regardless of your role, dragon or dragonfly, just remember - you were BORN to fly!

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Hey Entrepreneur – You Need More Heads, Not More Hats

Most entrepreneurs I work with fall toward the “Fluid and Responsive” end of the continuum, so the hats that they continually fight to make fit are scheduling, follow up, organization, replication, and delegation (which is both a mindset challenge and a natural traits challenge.)

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What Do You Stand For – and Do You Have the Right to Defend It?

Perhaps the freedom we guard most passionately is the freedom to stand up for what we believe is right.

Leading With My Left

I’ve always joked that the left side of my body does not really communicate with my brain. I always figured it had a mind of its own.

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Martin Luther King and Holly Berries

Sometimes it takes a long time for dreams to bear fruit. We all know that Martin Luther King had a dream. It has been 50 years since he shared it with us. In Just Blow It Up, I shared the story of speaking to an audience on Martin Luther King Day and having to follow...

Can Your Inner Artist Save Your Life (or at least your bacon?)

I’ve had a lot of days this last year when I felt a lot like this old typewriter. Worthless, rusty, archaic and unable to create anything at all. When you’re a writer, that sucks. Because writers are, by preference if not definition, artists. And artists...

How Big is Big Enough?

If I hear one more person say “If your dreams/goals/vision doesn’t scare you half to death it’s because it isn’t big enough.”

THAT would make me scream.

Not because there’s no truth in it. But because, like so many axioms, it’s only the tip of the truth iceberg.

Just As I Am

One of the little “doses of dynamite” that I’ve jotted down in my journal says: “If I have to be someone I’m not in order to do what I want to do then I need to reexamine either what I want or who I think I am.” I don’t share...

What Are You Celebrating?

Those of you who have read this blog for some time already know that I was raised in a home without Christmas. Yes, my parents were Christian. But their sect observed none of the religious holidays. Why? Well as it was explained to me (many times over, this was hard...

Belief Systems and Effective Communication (by Bob Burg)

I’ve been excited for months, looking forward to sharing this wisdom with you. And finally, Adversaries Into Allies: Win People Over Without Manipulation or Coercion, is making it’s debut! It was written by a dear friend and trusted mentor whom I am sure...