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Yellow-Tie Welcomes “The Go-Giver” Author Bob Burg to St. Louis

After months of getting acquainted via email and phone while working on “The Go-Giver” coaching materials, Bob Burg and I finally met in person. Bob was in St. Louis to present “Endless Referrals LIVE” - a full day of teaching his system of successful networking from his bestseller “How to Cultivate a Network of Endless Referrals.” The event was sponsored by Yellow-Tie International and Lisa Cupini. I had the privilege of accompanying Bob as he was interviewed by Charlie Brennan of KMOX, recorded a segment for STL TV, and sat down with Jeremy Nulik of St. Louis Small Business Monthly. After a day of listening to Bob share the message of “The Go-Giver” to one audience after another, it became very clear that this is more that “just a story” to him. This story is a philosophy of life that has brought him the stratospheric success he now enjoys. I am honored to be part of bringing that philosophy to my clients and audiences. *For information about inviting the authors of “The Go-Giver” to speak contact Kathy Zader. For information about my presentations and coaching from the book email me at

“The Go-Giver” – Coaching to Stratospheric Success

The first time I read this little book I knew I had to share it. I could have never predicted I would be invited to share it like this! I am now authorized to COACH from this powerful book! I’ve been asked by the authors, Bob Burg and John David Mann, to develop coaching materials to teach the Five Laws of Stratospheric Success outlined in the parable. So far, working with Bob and John to guide me, I have developed a one hour presentation of the Five Laws and have very much enjoyed introducing audiences to this approach to Stratospheric Success. I have also developed, at the request of a client, a series of six workshops. Each module explores opportunities to implement one of the Five Laws with the final module dedicated to creating a master action plan. If your business or organization has people who are interested in Stratospheric Success I’d love to be invited to show them The Go-Giver way of getting there! Email me at