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soul languages

You Are Divinely Human

You are always in a relationship with your divine self – your soul.

You are always in a relationship with the divine – God, the Universe, the Is, whatever name you choose.

That relationship not only can happen, it is happening. All the time.

You are either experiencing and participating in that relationship mindfully and intentionally, or it is taking place outside of your awareness. When you are intentional about your relationship with your divine self and the divine, when you bring that awareness into your human partnerships, into your business undertakings, into all of your interactions with the material world, you benefit both on the material plane and the spiritual plane. Your life becomes rich with meaning and purpose and your career or business becomes profitable and productive.

“Thinking: The talking of the soul with itself.” ~ Plato

How do you deepen your understanding of your divinity and open the communication between your human self and the divine? When you came into this material world your soul chose three specific energies or languages that you use to express yourself and achieve your purpose. This is your personal “soul team.”

If you’ve formed a business that entity also has a soul team of languages that work together to manifest that business in the material world. If you are in partnership with others in your life and business those partnerships will also have a team of energies.

How Can You Connect with Your Soul Team?

Your journey to this deeper relationship with soul begins with a Personal Soul Language ID session. With your permission I will connect to your soul in order to identify your three Personal Soul Languages. If you choose, I will facilitate your connection directly to those energies to discover how you can live out your divine purpose, how you can express yourself with greater divine authenticity, and how you can use your gifts, talents, and abilities more consciously and more fruitfully. That connection will be there for you any time you wish to have a conversation with your soul team and we can continue to work together to deepen your relationship with soul.

As a Certified Soul Language Practitioner and intuitive coach, I work with all 107 Soul Languages. I help you to bring your soul fully into your material work and living and to unleash your inner power and gifts. I have worked with clients to integrate this into their entrepreneurial enterprises as well as personal relationships and creative pursuits.

If you want to learn more about how embracing the divine aspect of your human self would change your life let’s schedule a “coffee date” to explore the possibilities. We’ll chat for about half an hour, no fee and no pressure, and if it feels right for both of us we’ll arrange for your first Soul Language session.

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