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Just for You

You are an individual with unique gifts, talents, and skills. Your path is also unique, as are your challenges, fears, and lessons. Your needs are not exactly like anyone else’s and there is no package I could create that would fit all of my clients equally. So while I may offer Workshop Intensives or Group Courses from time to time, your Private Program will be tailored specifically to where you are today and where you want to go.


“If we fail to do the inner work the outer work will come to nothing.”

You’re the kind of person who wants to put everything you have, and everything you are, into everything you do. You are willing to do the inner work because you know that as you expand your self you inevitably expand your gifts, your possibilities, and your life.

Your intention here is to unwrap your personal truth and use it as a platform to create greater fulfillment and value in your life and business. And your truth says you can do anything, you just haven’t figured out how — yet.

My intention here is to provide powerful and practical guidance and tools for people just like you. Whether you are the kind of entrepreneur who needs to start your own business, or an intrapreneur who feels called to be a part of someone else’s enterprise, I’m here to honor your desires and help you navigate your unique path to achieving them.

We’ll dive deep into what makes you you — your passion and purpose, your innate gifts, and talents you’ve developed through years of living, working, and learning. You’ll get to know yourself on every level – your truths and closely held beliefs, your natural energies and abilities, and, if it’s meaningful to you, you’ll get to know yourself as soul, bringing your divine wisdom into your life and work.


“It is better to whisper your truth than to shout a lie.”

For you, creating a personal brand is about more than being authentic, and more than about being unique. It’s about showing up as your truest, highest self. It’s about communicating your value in everything you do, say, or share. It’s about being known for creating outcomes that fire you up and make a difference in the world.

Everyone has a personal brand. It’s how your presence is perceived by those who come in contact with you in person, online, through your art, through your work, through your life.  But not everyone creates their brand mindfully and with intention to showcase their truest, highest self. Working with me you’ll discover what that truest, highest self looks like and what it has to offer.

We’ll address all aspects of how you showcase your brand and how to reach the audience who most needs your gifts. If you want to write we’ll devise a content plan for writing for your own blog, writing a book, or getting published on media sites. If you want to teach or speak we’ll design a strategy for customizing your message as workshops, keynotes, or courses.

Your brand is already there, like Michelangelo’s “David” in the stone. Our work together will simply allow you to reveal the masterpiece and attract a larger audience of people who need to hear your voice and experience your truth.


“Changing the world isn’t an option, you change the world by being in it. How you change the world is a choice.”  

You believe you’re here to do more than make a living, you’re here to make a difference and a life. You’re here to have impact. And that’s ultimately what people pay us for isn’t it, impact?

What is it worth to you to be someone who has tremendous impact, who offers unrivaled value, because their truth shines in everything they do? Someone who draws people to them just by showing up, because they eat, sleep, and breathe their truth?

Do you think you would attract more of your ideal clients, prospects, and referral sources? Do you think you would spend less time selling and more time doing what you really love? Do you think people would pay more for what you offer because what they are really buying is you?

This is where the inner work you’ve been doing manifests as value in the material world. As you learn to fully embrace and expand your gifts, talents, and skills we’ll also be designing your path to have the impact you desire and achieve the personal and professional success you deserve.

Your dream is to live a life that makes difference while providing you with a generous living. You’re ready to bring that dream to life.