Dixie Gillaspie delivers TEDx Talk ‘Feminine Traits and the Business Economy’

Dixie Gillaspie delivered her TEDx Talk “Feminine Traits and the Business Economy” for TEDxCrestmoorParkWomen November 2, 2017. Here are just a few highights:

A gender war is always a zero sum game.

For centuries “business as usual” has been a masculine-centric power structure

For the most part, women are still conforming to “the man box” in order to be successful in business.

We have hundreds of studies to prove that women can be effective as business leaders – but no studies to prove that men are effective business leaders.

If we try to understand the disparity through the lens of gender alone we are setting the business world on a sure path to failure.

– Watch the full TEDx Talk here

If you’re interested in inviting Dixie Gillaspie to speak for your group or to coach or train your business leadership team please reach out to hello@returntoyourpower.com.

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