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It is always a treat to share the stage with speakers I admire. Last month I “double-dipped” on that treat when I presented “Igniting Your Light - Connecting Passion, Purpose and Presence” as the opening keynote for “Build Your Own Brand” featuring two of my heroes, Bob Burg and Scott Ginsberg.

I was, as always, blown away by the value and authentic Passion, Purpose and Presence they both brought to the stage. We closed with a panel discussion and, before I knew what they intended, Bob had taken charge of the mic to share with the audience his experience in having me as a coach. Not to be outdone, Scott took the mic and shared his own thoughts. It was all I could do not to blush, and nothing could keep me from bursting with pride.

Bob and Scott have both been so instrumental in my connecting MY passion and purpose, to have the opportunity to be their “opening act” made this an event that will forever be one of my fondest memories.

I’ve shared their kind comments below.

“I have personally been on the phone with Dixie when I had challenges in my business and when I had interpersonal challenges that affected my business.  She is a wonderful, wonderful coach. She asks the tough questions, she draws out the information from you, and she helps you come up with your own solutions, which is what a coach really does. Dixie helps you bring out your effectiveness and I strongly encourage you to choose to be a part of one of her coaching programs.” Bob Burg, speaker, author “Endless Referrals,” co-author “The Go-Giver”

“I have many teachers and mentors, but only one coach. Dixie is a class unto herself as a coach, as a muse, as an empowerer and as a fire starter. Because I work with Dixie, my writing is better, my thinking is clearer, my life is richer. Dixie is living proof of the need for human cloning - every entrepreneur needs a Dixie and there is only one.” -Scott Ginsberg, “The Nametag Guy” speaker, author “Stick Yourself Out There” and “How to Make a Name for Yourself”

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