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Today I had my thoughts taken out of my head, massaged into one succinct sentence and handed to me wrapped in a compliment without ever sharing a word.

So what’s a girl to say except, WOW!

I was writing a blog post last night. I decided the power of my passion was interfering with my objectivity, clicked “save now” and stumbled off to bed hoping tomorrow would, figuratively as well as literally, be another day.

Today I received this email:

This post was for you:

Happy New Year!

Scott GinsbergThat Guy with the NametagAuthor, Speaker, Coach, Entrepreneur

Scott, I am, as usual, inspired and humbled.

“If they can’t come UP to you, they’ll never get BEHIND you.”

Yeah – that’s what I was trying to say. Exactly.

This is why you rock - businesses, brainstorms and lunches - because you don’t waste words and you don’t leave anything out.

Since I cannot possibly improve on your list I am going to table the When “Because I Said So” Doesn’t Cut it Anymore blog post for another day and hope everyone who reads this has the good sense to take you up on your offer to send them the full “17 Ways to become a Thought Leader” list.

Lunch is on me, bring your notebook.

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