Layers of Imperfection – The Truth About Soul

I don’t believe in evil souls.

There, I’ve said it.

You’re free to argue if you disagree.

But everything I see, with my human eyes, with my heart, and with my spiritual intuition, tells me that souls are whole and perfect.

That souls are eternal and infinite and cannot be altered from their original pure and perfect state.

So why then, do humans do such evil things? We do evil, I believe, because we forget that we are soul.

We lose our sense of true soul self in the accumulated experiences of being human. We are soul born as body. Because soul cannot experience anything except infinite perfection. Soul cannot act. Soul needs body, but then we begin to believe that it IS body, that it IS the result of the actions taken upon it and the actions that it takes.

And those actions, and our beliefs about them, deposit layers of non-soul self stuff.

Those actions, and our human beliefs about them, leave behind remnants that are not part of our true nature. And, as we accept those layers as part of our “human nature” we begin to think and act in ways that are not pure and perfect.

So how do we hold to the realizations that can only came through action, action that can only be experienced as human, while acting from our true nature of perfect and infinite soul?

Well, usually we don’t. That’s part of the path, part of the lesson, part of what we are born as body to experience.

The balancing act that is required, I believe, is to be aware of self as soul, yet fully in the moment of self as human, while releasing the attachments to layers that are not perfect soul-self.

Our job is to stand in our divinity, even in our human form. Because that is what true heroes do.

When we learn to see those layers as only costumes and travel dust, when we dedicate ourselves to a regular practice of getting naked, of getting clean, then we will not only see ourselves in our perfect light form, we will also be able to see the perfect light form in others.

No matter how many layers of not-soul they have accumulated.

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