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Hudson Weekly Interviews Dixie Gillaspie on her life and Writing

The Truth About Winter is one of the must read books of the summer. It has a way of inspiring change and is captivating from start to finish.
– The Hudson Weekly Review of The Truth About Winter

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Elucid Magazine Spotlights The Truth About Winter

Dixie Gillaspie was interviewed for Elucid Magazine about her work and her writing. The conversation ranged from definitions of success, to superpowers, to the actors the author would choose to play the main characters in The Truth About Winter.

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Founder’s Courier Reviews The Truth About Winter

“The Truth About Winter, can be described in one word, Breathtaking. – Founder’s Courier Magazine

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Dixie gillaspie on ActionEra TV

In less than 20 minutes Dixie Gillaspie taught the ActionEra TV audience why beliefs don't matter, the identity doesn't have to die, and the "dragon" of resistance isn't really all that fierce and how anyone can use the Conscious Creation Cycle to create anything they choose.
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Dixie Gillaspie on From Fear to Fire: Transforming Leadership

"5 Steps to Consciously Create Anything You Choose" with Dixie Gillaspie on the From Fear to Fire podcast with Heather Hansen O'Neill
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Dixie Gillaspie on The RHONDA GRANT Show

A remarkable and insightful discussion about life, love and soul with Dixie Gillaspie.
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