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I’ve had people ask me if I use the Law of Attraction. It’s kind of like asking if I “use” the laws of physics, isn’t it? Anything that is a universal law applies universally whether we are aware of “using” it or not.

I don’t get to say “I don’t believe in the law of gravity, and I’m not going to use it.”

Well, I get to say it, but I’m going to have a hard time proving it. (Richard Bach, author of such best-sellers as “Jonathan Livingston Seagull” and “Illusions; Adventures of a Reluctant Messiah” gave me a fantastic - and hilarious - analogy for that in my dialog with him, but that’s a story for another post.)

So if the Law of Attraction is one of those universal laws, then I “use” it in the same way I “use” the law of gravity - it affects my outcomes every second of my life. I either use it mindfully to my advantage, or I ignore it and it rises up to slap me silly every now and again.

I’m still not sure if the creation of Dynamite Live; Putting your dreams in drive and YOU in the driver’s seat is an example of me taking advantage of natural laws or the universe slapping me silly just to teach me a lesson. Only time will tell.

So here’s what happened…

I spoke at an event. That, in and of itself, wasn’t unusual. But this one was that “straw-that-sparked-the-shot-that-was-heard-around-the-world” kind of experience.

I was sitting down with my inner circle mastermind group (if I took a detour to tell you how incredible, unbelievable, amazing… ok, I won’t take that detour right now) and I started making a list of all the things I find frustrating about most conferences that are offered to entrepreneurs.

When I finally took a breath, one of the group (if I ever remember which one that was there WILL be consequences!) said, “So when are you doing your event?”

Lungs fill of oxygen, heart full of indignation, I said, “Oh, I’ll never do an event, but if I DID…” And I went on to describe in glowing detail the kind of event I would want to be part of.

I was eloquent, I was engaged, I was (remember this, it’s important) I was EMOTIONAL. I wanted SOMEBODY to make this event happen so I could be part of it, even just to be in the audience.

I was DETAILED (also important) about what the event would (and would not) include, the experience the participants would have and the outcomes they would achieve before they left.

I could SEE me (you guessed it, also important) at this dream event. Hugging people, listening to people share their stories, their dreams, their wisdom. Laughing with joy at all the “ah ha moments.” Crying… Nope, I didn’t see myself crying. But you get the picture - I was INTO it!

When I came up for air again every one of my friends, mentors, mastermind members (and sometime tormentors) was grinning from ear to ear and again one of them said, “So, when are you doing your event?”

Now that plans for Dynamite Live are coming together, excitement is building and registrations are coming in, I realize that I threw down a gauntlet to the Universe and the Universe laughingly took the challenge.

Tonight I was rereading bits of Mike Dooley’s “Manifesting Change” and it became crystal clear. (Yeah, he’s the guy behind TUT, Notes from the Universe - love those emails!)

First, our minds don’t understand negatives. The famous example of “Don’t think of a blue elephant” comes to mind. (Did you really read that without picturing, even fleetingly, a blue elephant?) So when I said “I’ll never do an event” my mind heard “Do an event.”

The Universe must have added “do an event” to my Stratospheric Success Map right then. And all those details I painted were, to the Universe, one big “to-do” list.

Second, in “Manifesting Change” Mike Dooley references one of the aspects of the Law of Attraction that is pretty much universally accepted, “Emotion is the turbocharger of change; our emotions supercharge the thoughts associated with them.”

So I may not have been attaching emotion to the thought of my doing my own event, but I was extremely emotionally bonded with the kind of event I wanted to be part of. Clearly, the Universe thought that was close enough.

Third, I put myself in the picture. Not as the event planner and host, but I was definitely “all in!”

The real clencher though, was when my coach, mastermind partner, dear friend and soul sister, Manifestation Maven, Kimberly Schneider, fed my own words back to me. (The Universe is not above using your dearest friends and dealing a low blow now and again.)

I had shared with her a story of a client who burst into tears literally 15 minutes into our first session because when she shared with me that she was frustrated at the lack of fellowship and support groups for her profession I said, “Sometimes when we cannot find what we need it is because it is given to us to create it.”

That’s exactly what Kimberly quoted back to me, in her gentle, uplifting voice, “Sometimes when we cannot find what we need it is because it is given to us to create it.” 

There was dead silence. I think they were all holding their breaths to see if I would cry. Instead I laughed. What else could I do?

What I chose to do was to rise to that challenge. The Universe, Source, God, Destiny, Highest Right… whatever you call that inner voice that guides us when we cannot see our way spoke to me in my own words almost two years ago; now it’s time to live by them.

You’ll notice I’ve listed three tips for “using” the Law of Attraction. I don’t teach manifestation or the Law of Attraction - I’ll leave that to Kimberly. She’ll be presenting material from her new book, “Everything You Need is Right Here” at Dynamite Live so direct those questions to her.

But I do “use” the Law of Attraction, just as surely as I use the laws of physics. And, unless I miss my guess, so do you.


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