Returning To Your Power

If you know my story you know that I’ve been what some people call a “victim.”

But then … haven’t we all?

We have all been victimized by events, circumstances, other people’s choices, even our own identities. We’ve felt powerless, at the mercy of something outside of ourselves.

But that isn’t how we were meant to live.

We came into the world as powerful creators.

While physically helpless, we were born fully in our truth of ourselves, our potential, and our source of genius. Then we learn dependency and powerlessness, we learn that there are rules we must follow to get what we want, we learn that we must be a certain way to fit in, to belong, to be safe.

As we grow in body and intellect we forget, we disconnect, we shed our truth and abdicate our power like an unwanted robe and crown.

What do you truly desire? What do you want to have, to do, to be? What do you wish to create? Art, business, relationships, abundance?

Do you desire to be a transformational leader, a world renowned artist, an innovator, inventor, teacher, author, or entrepreneur?

Whatever it is, to create it without struggle will require all of you. All levels of consciousness – even one you may not know that you have.

Now is your time to return to your place of power. To become again the pure conscious creator of your human experience. And that is the invitation I’m offering here – to uncover and connect fully to the truth of your full self, to clearly envision and embody your desired reality, and to release and recode the resistance that has held you back for far too long.

Most people are living for a life they will never allow themselves to have.

Dixie Gillaspie

They’re “working toward a day when,” they’re working on themselves first,” they’re “doing the hard things now so they can have it better later.” What they aren’t doing is creating what they love.

If you feel like you’re stuck in the crossroads of indecision and inaction or lost in the roundabout, not moving at all or wearing yourself out going in circles, or if you’ve been riding a pendulum, moving ahead only to swing back the other direction, you know what it’s like to create from an unworkable structure. But you can change that!

We are all creators. But most people aren’t creating from their highest truth and source of power. They’re trapped in a cycle of creating solutions only to discover that the old problem is embedded in their new reality so they’re back to square one.

Maybe you feel like you’ve done ALL the work, but you’re still stuck or oscillating between success and failure. Or you’re still heart-sore and weary, trying to heal, trying to evolve, trying to create, but you just don’t feel the way you want to feel and you haven’t created a life you truly love.

There’s nothing wrong with you. It’s just the structure that we’ve been taught, the beliefs that we default to, will NEVER support you in experiencing wholeness and creating what you truly love.

Ever wonder why people go through so many coaching programs, healing methods, and peak experiences, but still don’t stay in the flow of creation? Why some people have huge success in one area of their life but continually experience pain and failure in other areas?

Because they make success personal. They try to fix themselves and solve their problems and never learn the structure of pure creation. Because they are creating from limitation instead of from their true desires and innate power. Because they aren’t living in their truth and power as the “Super Creators” they were born to be.

What is a “Super Creator?” It’s what I call people who have remembered who they really are, and are creating what they really love. They’re leaders and parents, teachers and entrepreneurs, artists and volunteers. But they all have one thing in common – they know that if they can choose it they CAN create it.

Super Creators know that success isn’t personal, it’s just about getting into the right structure to create what they desire.

Super Creators know how to live in that creative structure, focused on the desired end result and staying in flow regardless of current circumstances.

Super Creators are creating what they love and desire, from a place of truth and power, and they’re living in joy doing it.

So … how do you do that? Learn to live in your truth and power to create health, wealth, vitality, and a life you love!

You already know the truth about the cycle of creation and your power as a creator. It’s just that you’ve buried that truth in stories, and memes, and inherited beliefs that tell you that people can’t just have what they want – they have to BECOME someone better, they have to prove that they’re worthy, they have to compete, or sacrifice, or … you name it, but the truth is we don’t have to do ANY of it!

There are actually 5 steps in the creation cycle, and these steps are the same whether you want to create a relationship, a business, a healthy body, an overflowing bank account, or the next “Great American Novel.” Love, health, fame, or fortune – the process is the same.

The first step is to choose it. Which sounds easy but most people aren’t actually choosing from their truth so they never create what they truly desire. They’re creating “solutions” just to get away from something they don’t want, or they’re creating substitutes just to feel better about what they think they can’t have, or they’re creating symbols just to feel like they are enough, they belong, they matter. The other four steps aren’t meaningful at all until you are choosing from your own truth, what is in your heart and what lights your fire.

I built Return To Your Power on the principle that everyone is a powerful creator. That everyone can return to a place of truth and power to create anything they desire.

My coaches and I use a combination of coaching, somatic intuition, neuroactivation and superconscious recodes to bring all three levels of consciousness into alignment in the creative structure to build momentum and release resistance so that you create what you desire without struggle.

If you want to know more about the 5 steps in the creation cycle or how you can return to your innate power as a Super Creator let’s chat. Grab a time on my calendar, bring your full self, and let’s do this “power thing” together!

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