Energy, intention, humor, and pragmatism.

Whether it's a keynote for hundreds, training for 10, or workshops for 5 - online or in person - Dixie Gillaspie brings the same level of energy, intention, humor, and pragmatism.

If your audience is coming to receive insight, inspiration, wisdom, and practical instruction on how to create results, activate human potential, and transform energy and outcomes then you want to invite Dixie Gillaspie to the stage.

Her high-energy presentation style combined with more than 30 years of experience in business, leadership, and personal transformation, served up with humor, respect, and an authentic connection to the audience, delivers rapid fire aha moments, immediate action steps, and lasting impact.

Most requested topics:

All presentations are customized for the audience attending and the outcomes desired. Every topic can be tailored as a stage presentation, small room discussion, or single workshopping session or multi-event series.

Conscious Leaders and Human Teams

For anyone embracing the challenge of helping others succeed in a business, a community, or a mission.

As leaders we learn to focus on things like team engagement and productivity, profit margins and opportunity gaps, project timelines and product excellence. But behind those measurable metrics are immeasurable human factors. Here we'll blow the cover off of these factors and how effective leaders use them to produce better outcomes at a lower cost of time, money, and human energy.

Identity:  Superpower or Saboteur?

For the individual entrepreneur, leader, or high performer who wants to gain clarity and connection on how they choose their action and outcomes. Also ideal as training and workshops for teams.

Getting real about who you think you are and how it creates the reality you think you live in. Identity is the most powerful factor in determining our default setting for behavior. Far deeper and more pervasive than "mindset" or "habits," who we think we are determines what we will say, do, think, and create in any situation. And if that identity is sabotaging the outcomes we want to achieve we have the ability to recreate it into an identity that actually supercharges our results.

How to Go from Vision 2 Reality

Whether you're creating a business, a mission, a book, or a meal, these are the steps that must be followed to consciously create the reality you desire.

For anyone who chooses to consciously create something they don't currently have.

There is a universal cycle of creation. Follow it unconsciously and you might create different circumstances, but you will continue to create the same experience. Become conscious and take control of the process and you can create anything you choose.

Creating a Life You Love on the Other Side of Trauma

Loving the life you're living isn't about just "getting over it" or "forgive and forget."

For anyone who is afraid that their past is what stands in the way of their future. (Can be customized for leaders who have experienced trauma and/or are leading others who are still moving through trauma)

The truth about trauma is that we all carry it. Some of it we're consciously aware of, some we aren't. But we don't need to remember it, relive it, or reject it in order to release it. Understanding where trauma lives, what's on the other side, and to choose to consciously create our lives - not in spite or or because of, but simply inclusive of trauma is all exactly what we all need to return to our power and create what we love.

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