Dixie Gillaspie on Be The Difference Podcast with Greg Birch

By Return To Your Power Team / April 30, 2023

How becoming conscious to the adaptations we’ve made from our true self in order to fit into the world, to who we really are, and to our innate power in the world forms the foundation for creating anything we choose.

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Dr. Pele Interviews Dixie Gillaspie on ‘Profitable Happiness’

By Return To Your Power Team / August 12, 2022

– Why Dixie says her life is “like your typical rosebush.”
– How identity is our superpower or saboteur.
– The powerful combination of stubbornness and purpose.
– How art plays a role in creating change.

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The Only Way to Die With No Regrets

By Dixie Gillaspie / January 19, 2020

There are really only two choices you need to make to avoid taking regrets to the grave.

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Dixie Gillaspie Interviewed on The Go-Giver Podcast

By Return To Your Power Team / March 31, 2016

This interview with Dixie Gillaspie covers how we stay in our authentic truth while “blowing up brick walls” that come between us and what we want to do, have, and be.

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What Do You Stand For – and Do You Have the Right to Defend It?

By Dixie Gillaspie / June 20, 2014

Perhaps the freedom we guard most passionately is the freedom to stand up for what we believe is right.

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Just As I Am

Just As I Am

By Dixie Gillaspie / December 31, 2013

And magically, there is that space to expand, to bloom, to grow in understanding of self and to be, not someone you aren’t, but more of who you really are.

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Do You Dare (Not) to Cry?

By Dixie Gillaspie / December 24, 2012

I’ve seen crying, and I’ve seen sorrow – and they weren’t always walking hand in hand.

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Will You Allow Yourself to BE?

By Dixie Gillaspie / February 19, 2011

If I strive to BE something or someone before I connect to that BEing that is inherent in my existence, then all that I do and all that am will be weakened.

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The Perfect Gift – A sequel to “Adding Joy Wherever You Go”

By Dixie Gillaspie / December 4, 2010

A smile is a gift that validates the giver and the recipient at the same time.

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A Rose by Any Other Name

By Dixie Gillaspie / November 11, 2010

How can you add individual value if you are not growing as an individual?

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