The Only Way to Die With No Regrets

By Dixie Gillaspie / January 19, 2020

There are really only two choices you need to make to avoid taking regrets to the grave.

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The Lesson of the Rescued Baby Bear

The Lesson of the Rescued Baby Bear

By Dixie Gillaspie / May 27, 2013

Sometimes it isn’t about what we want to do. It’s about what we’re CALLED to do.

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A Boston Marathoner’s Question – “Where Does the Love Go?”

By Dixie Gillaspie / April 17, 2013

Love is never missing. It just goes unexpressed and unnoticed.

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Do You Dare to Love?

By Dixie Gillaspie / December 15, 2012

We create a culture of bullies and blame – a human chemistry that will result in an explosion every time – and wonder why it blows up in our faces.

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