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Never say never - it finally happened! Everyone who knows me knows I dread getting in front of a camera. It wasn’t quite a phobia but a close approximation.

Then I got inspired by the words of a 19 year old entrepreneur whose entry for the Go-Giver tour contest was so authentic, so natural and so dead on that I just had to respond in kind. Watch Michael W. Montgomery’s video contest entry and read the comments posted, you’ll see what I mean.

Here is my first video, with thanks for the inspiration to Michale Montgomery and authors Bob Burg and John David Mann.

The comments following the post of Michael’s video included the question “what law in The Go-Giver can you relate to?”

Michael’s response was “Right now I think I relate best with either Value or Authenticity… I’d like to level it out over the whole spectrum of laws but it may take some time.”

There is the real secret to stratospheric success - “the whole spectrum” and “it may take some time.” See it doesn’t take time for the Go-Giver laws to work, but they work only when we work them. So the real question is “how long will it take you to start applying ALL FIVE laws?”

See business success is usually measured by what you GET. Your income, your material wealth, the company’s profit, etc… We measure the outcome but we must focus on what we put into achieving the outcome. As Bob Burg says, “shift the focus from getting to giving.”

I recapped in the video above some of the highlights from each of the laws that have been the most transformational for me and for my clients.

If you want to know the laws get the book or visit The Go-Giver website. What I’m giving here are just a few of the lessons I’ve latched onto after a year of coaching the laws.

Law #1 - Ernesto says “Will it make money is not a bad question. It’s just a bad FIRST question.” In fact, he goes on to say, if the first question you ask is “will it serve” and you can find a way to give a resounding YES as an answer you can’t help but make money.

Law #2 - Nicole shares with Joe how the concept she created for a classroom of kids has been translated into a thriving business that now shares that concept with thousands of kids and Joe realizes that it isn’t JUST about value - it is also about impact. How many people can you serve and how much impact can you have on those people? Nicole reminds us that this law means that there is no limit on your income because if you are adding significant value you can always find more people to serve.

Law #3 - Sam shares his discovery of how to create an army of Personal Walking Ambassadors. This is a more powerful sales force than you could ever hire or afford to pay.

Law #4 - Deborah tells her audience that even after learning everything there was to know about real estate and about selling she was still desperate and broke. It was only after learning how to share the gift of herself and realizing that 10% of success is achieved through skills and knowledge and 90% is achieved through relationships that she reached stratospheric success. It isn’t just about BEING authentic, it is mostly about the willingness to contribute that authentic self to every relationship you make.

Law #5 - Finally Joe meets the “secret guest” and learns the power of breathing in. He realizes that giving is the equivalent of breathing out and that it is not possible to only breathe out and live - you must also breathe in. Further, you can’t select the particles of air you take into your lungs, you take every breathe in faith that it will include the oxygen you need to sustain life and create health.

This, then is the secret as shared by a 19 year old entrepreneur. Work toward “leveling out across the entire spectrum” and you can’t help but reach stratospheric success.

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