The Purpose of the Enemy – A Call to Heroes

I don’t believe in evil souls. But I do believe in evil.

I experience it as an energy, an intent, a vibration. It is a fear-filled, hate-fueled, seething mass that we birth and feed through our disassociation with our own divinity.

But it is not soul.

I do believe, however, that souls take on the cloak of that energy. Even that they choose that spin of the wheel, that role in the play, that mask in human form.


I believe that they do so in order that we may choose the role of hero. That we may practice living as humans in power, in love, and in the bright light of oneness with the divine.

It seems likely to me that we all play both roles as we live out our lifetimes. Certainly we all carry the potential of both roles inherently through all of our lifetimes. Soul, being infinite, can take on any aspect.

Hero and villain. How would we recognize one without the other?

So if the job of the villain is to bring out our inner hero, then what is our job as heroes?

Why to stand for what we choose to bring into the world. Not to resist what the villains stand for, but to be the birther and nurturer of all that is divine.

If the villain stands for abuse of power and greed and justifying the oppression of any group of people, then our job is to stand for fairness and equality and the rights of all.

If the villain stands for enslavement of others in thought or deed, then our job is to stand for freedom.

If the villain stands for war and deadly force, then our job is to stand for peace and healing.

If the villain stands for hate and fear, then our job is to stand for love and courage.

Our job is to stand up, to stand firm, to stand tall, and to stand together. As heroes.

Our job is to stand in compassion, in gratitude, in love. As heroes.

Our job is to stand in our divinity, even in our human form. Because that is what true heroes do.

Our job is not to shame or condemn. That is a human desire, but it changes nothing of people’s hearts and minds.

Our job is not to convict or punish. That is a human solution, but it solves nothing in a way that is permanent or even sustainable.

Our job is not to hate. There is enough of that vibration in the world to cause the problems that we have, why add to it?

But our job is also not to stay on the sidelines thinking that it is for someone else to take a stand against evil. We are heroes. We cannot just stand by.

So, my fellow heroes, will you stand up, or will you just stand by?

It’s up to you.

Photo by Keagan Henman on Unsplash

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