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You find out, “Life is a game of inches.” Never mind football.

Whatever game you’re playing, whatever game you’re coaching, it is a game of little differences.

I’m hearing how tough it is to win right now. I’m sure we’re all hearing and seeing it and, even if we aren’t experiencing it, we’re still feeling the cold dread of wondering “am I up for the challenge.”

It’s a daunting opponent, fear. It can make our brains seize up and our guts turn to water. It can bring about certain failure without ever striking a blow. Often our initial response to fear is to isolate ourselves. It’s the “everyman for himself” mentality. Looking out for #1 becomes our #1 priority.

And for many people it isn’t a “what if” challenge but a “right now” challenge. They are facing loss of their job, lack of buying power, failing relationships or illness.

But the truth is that no matter the opponent it takes a team that lives by the “all for one and one for all” mentality to win. None of us have to be in this game alone.

“Either we heal now as team or we will die as individuals.”

Whether your team is a small group, a community, a company, a country or an entire world.

What opponent are you facing?

Who is on your team?

Are you coaching them to win as a team or die as individuals?

“Now, what are you going to do?”

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