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Ah magic! We all have it.

But so often we close ourselves to our own magic and look to others for the transformations we want to create in our selves and in our businesses.

So I offer all prospects and clients a full disclaimer - “I do not have magic wands or magic pills. This transformation is going to take work on your part.”

Of course, we DO work magic together when the fit is right - and the resulting explosions are just as exciting and fulfilling for me as they are for the people I work with.

That’s because I’m working in MY “magic circle” - that place in the wizard’s diagram where gifts, talents, experience, expertise, and LOVE all intersect.

It took me a lot of years and botched recipes in the cauldron to find that intersection.

I’ve strayed from the circle a few times - and every time I’ve been reminded of how quickly the magic fades outside of that zone. And when I come back to working only in that place, I’m reminded of just how powerful that magic can be.

In a blast thru coaching session yesterday, I had a conversation with someone who is searching for HIS “magic circle.”

He isn’t alone - I talk with so many of you who don’t feel the magic when you’re doing what you do. Or, who feel the explosions, but don’t see the financial reward. (And the reward is part of the magic - wouldn’t you agree?)

So, what if you could wave a magic wand and suddenly be standing in your “magic circle?”

I haven’t figured out how to make it THAT easy! But I do know what it takes to find the magic wand that will illuminate that circle so that you CAN step into it.

I call it “igniting your light” - it’s finding the connection between

  • Passion (that inner fire that lights you up,)
  • Purpose (the changes, outcomes and impact you’re here to create,) and
  • Presence (the visibility and attractiveness to draw others into your circle with you.)

Passion + Purpose + Presence = Magic Wand of Illumination 

I find that most people abdicate their “magic” in one of two ways:

  • They give up searching for their “magic circle” and just do what they know how to do even if it doesn’t light them up at all. (They don’t connect passion and purpose.)
  • Or, having located the “magic circle,” they say “I don’t know how to work in that place.” Then they go on doing something that doesn’t light them up, or doing something that does light them up, but in a way that is not financially rewarding. (They don’t successfully bring their passion and purpose into their presence.)

I want to share the exercises I use with clients to ignite that “magic wand” and illuminate their “magic circle.” But I want to share them with you only if you really WANT your own magic wand.

This isn’t a “if you’re serious you’ll hire me” message. It’s a “if you’re serious you’ll take STEPS” message.

Please don’t ask for these exercises unless you’re going to take STEPS toward working in your own “magic circle.” If you’re ready, really ready to ignite your own magic wand just send me an email at and type MAGIC WAND in the subject line.

Yours for the asking. How magical is that?








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