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I had a delightful meeting today with a business associate.

Our surface reason for meeting was creating a strategy for working together to help one of her clients.

Our real reason was that we like each other. A lot. And we always come away richer when we’ve spent time together. At least, I know I do.

(Leslie is one of the principles at Elements Partnership and contributes to their always insightful and inspiring BLOG – read it!)

When two people who like each other, and enrich each other’s lives, get together the conversation gets real. Very real.  One of tags you’ll find on the Elements Partnership website is “People are hungry for real conversation.” Leslie is one of those people who fills that hunger for me.

In the course of our conversation we discussed a leading “guru” we’ve both encountered, and I asked her feedback. She said, “I think ____________ has a brilliant mind, and a big heart… But not a lot of soul.”

I knew immediately what she meant. Not that this person didn’t have a soul. Or that their soul wasn’t as infinite as hers or mine. But that it didn’t show up, it wasn’t available for connection, it wasn’t present in the interaction.

For some people that feels safe. If the other person isn’t making themselves spiritually accessible then they need not interact on that level either.

For me, it’s like trying to use sign language with a blind man.

People are hungry for real conversation. And a real conversation only happens between people who are fully present, and that, to me, means body, mind AND spirit.

It clarified in a simple, immediate, and profound way, a question I have been wrestling with for more than a year – a question that has kept more than half of what I have written since finishing Just Blow It Up languishing on my hard drive or in my journal.

“Is it okay for me to talk about the importance of spirit in our interactions, in business, in life?”

I don’t mean is it okay for me to talk about it in conversations with people like Leslie.

I mean is it okay for me to talk about it here. To talk about it in front of an audience. To talk about it as part of my brand.

And today I realized that, if I don’t talk about it, I’m holding myself back from the conversation. I’m waving my hands in front of blind men and hoping to be heard.

Because the conversation - about our work or our play, our dreams or our realities, our today or our tomorrows – is about life. And life isn’t based in the body or the mind, but in the spirit.

So I’m going to pull out my journals, open up my computer files, and start sharing some conversation that you haven’t ever seen.

Because you aren’t blind, and I’m not dumb, and we have the opportunity to be fully present together in this space – body, mind, and spirit.


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